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Puppy Offerings


Gives an introduction to the basics: set-up, potty training, introducing the leash, first day/night thoughts, suggested toys/food/treats, crate introduction, etc.
(Locals can select a 90-minute home visit or combo half-hour Zoom and one-hour visit – either option is $150; non-locals can do 60-minute Zoom for $90.)



I wish every puppy in the world could experience this experience I've been offering for five years now. Available March through November.



Leave your pup with me for a combination of supervised play with my wonderful adult dogs, plus training. We’ll start wherever your pup is in terms of learning – sit, touch, spin, down, come, stay, through, trade, leave it, etc. –  and I’ll video what we work on so you can copy it at home.  On leash we might work on forward movement using games like “find it” and work on pulling with games like 1-2-3.
($100 for an hour. If you combine with a friend it’s $75 each per hour, but we might want to go longer than an hour to fit it all in.)



I’ll come to you and we can work on your technique as we teach basic cues. You'll learn the important basics of positive reinforcement, and how to give great timely feedback that speeds learning. Sometimes what works best is for you to first do a drop-off play-n-train where I can create some videos of me working with your pup — then we follow up with an in-home private lesson.
($100 for an hour.)


I can supervise play between your pup and one or two others. I’d love it if you’re present so I can  teach all of the humans what to look for in good play so that you’re set up to do it yourself – but I can also just video key moments and teach you that way. We’ll talk about reciprocal play, consent tests, what makes a good set-up, and how to use treats. This can be at my house or yours.
($75 from each pup’s family for an hour)



Socialization is incredibly tricky! Exposure is not enough – it has to be positive exposure. That requires careful reading of a puppy’s body language, and quick responses that give the pup the distance and intensity that will help pup begin to feel relaxed about new sights, sounds, people, etc. We can walk your pup together where we’ll encounter new things and I can model how to greet and handle various situations. But I can also do this for you, and just take video of key moments so that you can learn that way. 
($100 for an hour)



Drop your pup off for three hours of play with my dogs, training with me, and careful socialization out and about (maybe Old Town, or Lowe’s, or Belle View Shopping Center).
($250 for the 3 hours. If you combine with a friend it’s $175 from each pup's family.)

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