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Puppy Offerings


Get off on the right paw! Click above for details. 
(Locals can select a 90-minute home visit or combo half-hour Zoom and one-hour visit – either option is $150; non-locals can do 60-minute Zoom for $90.)


Three-hour, drop-off supervised puppy play. Click above for details. Available March through November. (Except on hiaitus spring 2024 as I finish up fostering a litter and launching my new book.)


People are always surprised when their new puppy is hesitant to go for a walk. It's natural, though! Let me help: let's go for a walk together in the first few weeks. I'd love to teach you the key strategies that'll help your puppy feel comfortable as you head out the door together into the big, wide world.  We can cover all the usual questions: "What if pup just sits? How do we get pup moving forward? What if pup wants to smell the same plant forever? What about when there's another dog? Should we greet people? What about pulling?" Let's refine your approach from the get-go so you build a great pattern together. 

($100 per hour, Alexandria locals)


Socialization is so very important, and (not to stress you out, but . . .) the clock is ticking. Let me help! It's tricky to get it right. Exposure is not enough — it has to feel positive to the puppy. That requires careful reading of a puppy’s body language, and immediate adjustments based on that. I can give you a head start, taking your pup out myself and taking videos of what I see/do so you can learn. If you've just gotten a pup and feel too busy to work in this kind of adventure very often, this is a great way to go. (Of course you can also come along and learn as we go!)
($100 per hour, Alexandria locals)


Leave your pup with me for a training session combined with supervised play with my lovely adult dogs (my colleagues!).
($100 per hour. If you combine with a friend it’s $75 each per hour.)



I’ll come to you, work with your dog, demonstrate and help you practice your own technique. One option:  first do a drop-off train-n-play where I can create some videos of me working with your pup — then we follow up with an in-home private lesson.
($100 per hour.)


Want to offer playdates for your dog but not sure how to do it safely? I can supervise play between your pup and one or two others. I’d love it if you’re present so I can  teach all of the humans what to look for in good play – but I can also just video key moments and teach you that way. This can be at my house or yours.
($75 from each pup’s family for an hour)


Drop your pup off for three hours of play with my dogs, training with me, and careful socialization out and about (maybe Old Town, or Lowe’s, or Belle View Shopping Center). Click above for more info. 
($250 for the 3 hours. If you combine with a friend it’s $175 from each pup's family.)

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