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Eileen Friedman (Maisie)

“Kathy's knowledge, experience and positive approach are reassuring and empowering!"

Anna Lenhart (Ruthie)

"I cannot imagine surviving those early months without Kathy's patience, guidance and expertise."

Bekah Jewell (Rory)

"After just one Zoom session with Kathy, we feel much better equipped to work with our pup!"

Erin Lepore (Goldie)

"Kathy not only gets dogs, she gets people too. She has this remarkable ability to tap into what's going on with you and your dog."

Jen Casey (Jerome)

"Most fun and meaningful training I have ever enjoyed. It's wraparound puppy training/care!"

Monica Siniff (Luna)

"Every dog that meets Kathy is the better for it! Training with her is an enriching journey for dog and pet parent like."

Patty Lister (Cookie)

"What a difference! After just one session we felt like we could see how to forward with our pup, when before it felt overwhelming."

Ashley Dalton (Ranger)

"Kathy gave us confidence in what we were already doing, and practical ideas for things we hadn't tried. We use her tips daily, months later!"

Lisa Rutherford (Scout)

"The positive training methods we learned from Kathy helped our whole family bond and enjoy our puppy more than we could have imagined."
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