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From New World Library ... Over the past decade, Kathy Callahan’s family has taken in more than one hundred rescue puppies. This engaging, photo-filled book features the wonderful stories that emerge as these foster pups, typically from underfunded rural shelters, are suddenly surrounded by a nurturing family complete with patient adult dogs and curious cats. With a gift for capturing the moment in both words and images, Callahan brings readers inside the poignant and ultimately uplifting work of fostering. This inspiring read is indeed about puppies, but it’s also about family, and human connection. It’s about finding your own way ― through that one special thing you can do to light a candle, instead of cursing the darkness.

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I think you'll love this book. 
Click here and I'll explain why.

In the book, I mention our years in South Africa, saying: 'Since this book is about dogs, I won't digress into stories about lions, elephants and baboons, but boy, could I!" Click here to be transported to the Okavango Delta, where an elephant joined us in our campsite.  



Click here for the 2020 book tour that had to be virtual! TV, radio and podcast interviews all from the comfort of my own home... 101 Rescue Puppies One Family

"I could write a book about why and how much I love 101 Rescue Puppies."

     — Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Animals & Miracles

"Swoon! Oh my, this book is a treasure ... it just moved to the top of my gift list to send to siblings and friends."

     — Susan Fleischman

"I read the whole thing in one sitting and found myself smiling, laughing, and wiping away tears."

     — Kathi Fuqua

Told with humor and humility, 101 Rescue Puppies is as entertaining as it is inspiring.”
     — Traer Scott, author of Shelter Dogs and Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories

"This is the most moving dog book I've read in years.”
     — Nancy Kerns, editor of Whole Dog Journal

"Each chapter is a self-contained gem, written in the sparest and most exquisite language ... PARENTS: It is easy for me to imagine this becoming a family's go-to read-aloud bedtime story."

     — Jean Barbato


"This book is pure joy!"

      — Jennifer Arapoff

"Kathy Callahan is a gifted writer, photographer, and storyteller. Her book opens with 'Something extraordinary happens at our house: Foster pups come her in turmoil, and the spirit of this pack settles them.' Kathy's book has the same effect on the reader."— Beth Jarvis

"Not only is Kathy Callahan a beyond-fantastic foster mom, she's also an amazing writer." 

     — Pat Miller, author of The Power of Positive Dog Training 

"101 Rescue Puppies is a must-have book for every dog lover's shelf." 

     — Laura T. Coffey, author of the bestseller My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

"I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put it down. The perfect pick-me-up for this crazy year."

     — Sandi Maida

"Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous prose, and gorgeous puppies!"

     — Tricia Braun

"Such a gem of a book! So uplifting when the struggle to find good news is real. This will be my go-to Christmas gift this year."

     — Dr. Amy Allen-Chabot

"Hope! Joy! Family! Love!  . . . This book is the antidote we all need right now."

     —  Allison Bauer

"Kathy Callahan draws us instantly and intimately into fostering's twists and turns, worries and cuddles, fears and joys. Her stories of puppies and families, told with kitchen-table honesty and humor, disarm you. Here is the tale of the good in us, as revealed to us – indeed fostered in us – by the good in dogs."

     — Bruce Chafee

"  . . . a beautiful, joyous and hopeful respite . . . "

     — Donne Colton

"With this book, Kathy Callahan establishes herself as the James Herriot of 2020 . . . "

     — Lauren Hefferon

"I started reading and didn't want to put it down! This book reminded me, during a really tough year, of what is right and true in the world."

     — Meagan McKissick


"I wanted to re-read this book as soon as I finished it!"

     — Julie Denton


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