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101 Rescue Puppies Videos


As you read through the book and get to know the pups, you can come here and click on the videos to see those puppies "live."

Cover & Intro: Daisy's Litter

          Cover Pup Mulberry Loves Eli

Two-Week-Old Pups Snoozing

Sister Willow Steals Bowl from Mulberry

          Mulberry's Litter Enjoys Indoor Playground

Aspen's Olympic Performance


First foster ever: MoonPie

Foster MoonPie Gets The Bone From Eli & Rocket


Page 16:  Cow Puppy

          Adopted Pup Hears Foster Mom on FB


Chapter 3: The Dog Who Seemed Easy

          Lulu's Stuffed Animal Pup


Chapter 4:  Kid Goes To College & Family Orders Takeout

          Trying Stairs For First Time

Mama Gracie Reunited With Pups

Page 42:  Wait ... what does "adopted" mean?

Tom Comes Home From Work To This


Chapter 6:  Finding Our Mojo

Mojo's 4-Week-Old Pups Gently Wrestle

Lightning Fast Mojo Runs With Eli & Nala

Mojo Nurtures Fosters Johnny & Joey

Chapter 8: A Nuclear Family in an Abandoned Shack

Sleeping Puppy Misses Out on Nursing

Pups Interrupt Meadow's Nap

Family Reunited

Dex Finally Allows Human Contact

Page 73: The Brown One

Puppies in the Snow

Pups Cry; It Works


Chapter 9: Bravery and Brotherhood

          Tiny Todd Kissing Timmy

          Tiny Todd Snuggling With Templeton

          Happy Tiny Todd

          Pups Playing At Six Weeks

Pups Relax At Vet Appointment

Brothers Try To Convince Thatcher to Try Stairs

Pyrenees Pups Want In

Kitty Bo Snuggling Foster Pyrenees

Page 89: The Glorious Goal

          The Hugging Puppy


Chapter 10: The Puppy Who Was Returned

Foster Prim Plays with New Foster Callie

Callie Meets Her New Sister

Callie & New Sister Ellie Wrestling Their First  Day

Chapter 11: Miracle on the Couch

Pregnant Piper Loves To Cuddle

Piper and Six Newborns

Couch Vs. Whelping Pen

Raven the Colicky Baby

Puffin Opens His Eyes

Puppies Napping

Meet The Puppies

Waggy Pup Magpie

Huskador Pups Come Running 

Huskadors Play With Mojo

4-Month-Old Puffin Cheers Feral Beagle

Chapter 12: A Word About Poop

The pups pictured on this chapter opener are our glorious "Pandemic Pups. This family got to our house when they were five days old, and got us through the surreal months of spring 2020. Here's the whole, amazing journey


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