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(Certified Professional Dog Trainer –

Knowledge Assessed)

In what is an unregulated industry, this weird-looking list of letters is important because it provides an independent measure of my understanding of dog training, including learning theory, instructional skills, equipment, ethology and animal husbandry. References and hundreds of demonstrated hands-on hours are required in addition to the 3-hour exam. 

Whole Dog Journal Contributing Writer

It's a dream to be writing for the outlet I've always respected most! This is serious dog writing for serious owners, and I get to cover all sorts of great topics, like:

  • The Secret To Getting Through Puppyhood

  • Should You Adopt Littermates?

  • How To Train Your  Dog While Staying Home

  • Balancing the Risk of Infection Vs. Isolation

  • What Fostering Can Do For Puppies

Click here to read them all! 

Peaceable Paws Intern Academy

The world-famous dog trainer Pat Miller had been my BFF for years, but it was slightly one-sided in that she was unaware of that! Our friendship took the form of me turning to her books whenever I was stumped by dog behavior. Imagine my glee when I was able to spend an intense, challenging week at her training academy: 8 students working with 8 shelter dogs, with Pat Miller herself giving lectures and running classes. Here's what I'll never forget: at the end of the week, THE Pat Miller looked me in the eye, waited a beat, and told me that I am "gifted" at this dog thing. 

Therapy Dog Work, Delta & R.E.A.D. Qualifications

I've worked with several of our dogs to the point that we qualified as a therapy team. (Piper and I visited nursing homes, Eli and I brought R.E.A.D to an elementary school for four years, and Mojo and I now visit a sweet 2nd grade classroom every week.)

Rescue Dog Fostering

In 2012, our family decided to give dog fostering a try. We're now on foster #200. :) We specialize in taking in nursing moms with their litters. And yes, it's hard to say goodbye ... but incredibly rewarding to see those pups nestled in with their "forever" people.

Family Life With Dogs!

For us, family life has always been pack life. Our girls grew up surrounded by big dogs. That's our firstborn below, and that shot pretty much sums up the decades that have followed. Different dogs, taller girls, but always dogs and people, entwined. I've learned a thing or two over the years about how parents and kids (and cats and friends and in-laws) can live happily, peacefully, joyfully with dogs. 

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