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Camp Callahan



CLICK HERE to see a video of  Benny at camp! You'll see us training at Lowe's, where he got happy exposure to friendly strangers and a very different space. Bonus of that kind of field trip: pup learns that listening to cues (sit, down, stay) pays off everywhere, and not just at home.

Snapshots from Camp

Sweet Benny spent three hours at Camp Callahan every day while his family was on vacation for a week, and we had a ball. He got to meet people in different contexts -- like the farmer's market, Lowe's, the Variety Store, Belle View Shopping Center, and my neighborhood. Everywhere we went, we did a little fun training.  Finally, he also got to hang out with the Callahan dogs -- wrestling, napping and training. A week like that during a pup's socialization period lasts forever! 


Puppy Socialization

Day Camp

(for Pups 10 to 16 Weeks Old)

If you don't have enough time these first few months, PLEASE give your pup to me for a few hours while that magic socialization window is still open! Happy, positive exposure at this age pays off forever. A three-hour session includes:

* FIELD TRIPS. With my pouch full of yummy treats, my happy voice and my experienced eyes focused on your puppy's body language, I'll carefully enlarge your puppy's world. We might sit outside a coffee shop and meet people, go inside a store, hang out near a playground, and walk on a busy sidewalk where we hear the sounds of traffic. All of this is carefully calibrated to your pup's comfort level! Tossing a puppy into any old new situation is NOT socialization. The key is to be ready to guide the puppy through and make sure the experience is positive. 

* DOGGY PLAY. There will be happy exposure to my own dogs, with play / wrestling / running / group walks happening as desired!

* TRAINING. Throughout, we'll do some confidence-building training. We'll work on eye contact, sit, touch, spin, stay, and down.

Even one session like this will have a positive impact! Ideally, though, we'd fit in a handful before your pup hits 16 weeks. 

One 3-hr private session = $250

One 3-hr session with two pups = $175 each

(When I have two pups who love each other and are at the same level, this works great.)

Keep in mind this might be great enrichment if you're going on vacation and your pet-sitter isn't quite up for the 24/7 challenge of puppyhood! 



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