Camp Callahan

24/7 Socialization
& Training

Socialization immersion!

Crate introduction

House-breaking head-start

Foundations of training

$100 per day

Camp Videos

These quick videos shows what life at Camp Callahan is like for a puppy. Here you'll see my daughter Grace introducing "sit." (More people working with a pup = more socialization.) The puppy learns fast, as she gets to follow the example of big dogs Mojo and Rocket. Here, the puppy is learning about positive play as Mojo and Rocket let her join in as they wrestle over a ball. She's learning not to be scared of various noises and quick movements from other dogs, and not to bite too hard.

Puppy Camp


Want a safe, super-happy place to leave your puppy when you go out of town? A place that'll feel like a great camp instead of a boarding kennel?


Our house – filled with wise dogs, a fun cat, dog-loving people and visitors – is a perfect atmosphere for a pup during the critical "socialization window." Your pup's world view gets wonderfully expanded with positive experiences here.


In addition to offering a rich atmosphere to soak in, Camp Callahan includes training, too. Depending on the pup, that could mean:


Working on house-breaking – heading out to the yard every hour on the hour, plus after every big play session, after every drink, after every meal, after every nap. 


Introducing the crate so that it becomes a relaxing refuge.


Teaching the basic concept of happily looking to a human for direction. We’ll work on name recognition, recall, sit/stay/down, and moving confidently forward on leash. 

Our specialty is pups who are five months old or younger. They're the ones in that key socialization window who can benefit tremendously from a house like ours.