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New Puppy Consult

Great Pyrenees mix foster puppy


90 minutes at your home.

(Available for Alexandria locals:

Ft. Hunt, Mt. Vernon, Old Town, etc.)


60 minutes for $90

So much of successful puppyhood is about creating the right set-up, having appropriate expectations, and problem solving. Zoom is a  great option for that!  



Perhaps you're thinking,

"What have I done?" 

Don't worry.

Everybody thinks that. 


You'll get in the swing.

I'll help.


"This consultation was a lifesaver!"

                                – Sarah Mills

New Puppy?
Get Off to a Great Start

Whether you're feeling gleeful as you gaze at the fluffball in your lap, or a little terrified about what you've just done, a consult will help you make the most of this very special time.

  • We'll come up with the best way to arrange your home to set your puppy up for success -- minimizing destruction and maximize potty-training success.

  • I'll show you what you can be teaching your puppy already, and how easy it is to work that learning into your day.

  • We'll discuss how to manage your new little alligator, especially if you have kids who begged for a puppy and are now afraid of said puppy's teeth!

  • We'll go over what to expect as you introduce leash walks, and how to make sure those experiences are positive for your puppy.

  • We’ll discuss the best products for your situation (gates, crates, toys, collars, food, books).

  • We’ll take a look at your family schedule, and set up a routine that’ll bring out the best in everyone.

  • I’ll explain the all-important puppy socialization window, and guide you on how to gently and safely expose your pup to new things.

  • We'll focus on any special questions or concerns you have.

First step: Read this.

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