Puppy Coaching

Puppy Coaching

In-Home New Pup Consultation: 

90-minute in-home visit

Pup & family

Coaching on the spot

Written visit recap 

plus ...

Free follow-up coaching all year!


(10% discount for rescue pups)



Perhaps you're thinking,

"What have I done?" 

Don't worry.

Everybody thinks that. 


You'll get in the swing.

I'll help.


Brand New Pup?
Let Me Get You Started


I’ll come to your house, meet your new pup, and get you prepared for the fun-but-intense phase that’s ahead. Having the right set-up and knowing what to expect are the keys to retaining your sanity.


  • I’ll talk you through the best way to arrange your house to minimize destruction and maximize house-training success.

  • We’ll discuss the best products for your situation (gates, crates, toys, collars, food, books).

  • We’ll take a look at your family schedule, and set up a routine that’ll bring out the best in everyone.

  • I’ll explain the all-important puppy socialization window, and guide you on how to gently and safely expose your pup to new things.

  • We'll focus on any special questions or concerns you have.

  • I’ll create a plan for your household in writing.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly: I will happily be on speed-dial for free throughout your pup’s first year, for those times you encounter baffling behavior or frustrating set-backs. Why? Because once I meet your pup, I’ll love your pup, and dang it I’ll want to ensure the smoothest road possible for you both.