New Puppy Consult

Great Pyrenees mix foster puppy
New Puppy Consult



Available to those near 22306.

If you twist my arm or have THE cutest puppy I may travel farther. 

$150 for 90 minutes


When I couldn't do in-person visits, I switched over to Zoom and . . . surprise! . . . it works just fine.

$50 for 30 min; $100 for 60 min


Any consult also earns you a $10 discount on any future

PuppyPALS sessions!



Perhaps you're thinking,

"What have I done?" 

Don't worry.

Everybody thinks that. 


You'll get in the swing.

I'll help.


"This consultation was a lifesaver!"

                                – Sarah Mills

Brand New Pup?
Let Me Get You Started

First I'm going to beg you to read this.


Then, let's get you prepared for the fun-but-intense phase that’s ahead. Having the right set-up and knowing what to expect are the keys to retaining your sanity.


  • I’ll talk you through the best way to arrange your home to minimize destruction and maximize potty-training success.

  • We'll talk about how to manage your new little alligator, especially if you have kids who begged for a puppy and are now afraid of said puppy!

  • We’ll discuss the best products for your situation (gates, crates, toys, collars, food, books).

  • We’ll take a look at your family schedule, and set up a routine that’ll bring out the best in everyone.

  • I’ll explain the all-important puppy socialization window, and guide you on how to gently and safely expose your pup to new things.

  • We'll focus on any special questions or concerns you have.

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