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PuppyPALS Testimonials

"PuppyPALS made getting through the first few months of puppyhood – when our pup was too young for the dog park, but too energetic for us to tire him out ourselves – not only possible, but enjoyable. Our pup thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the playgroups, and came home tired out for days! He was so much easier to train when he got the running and playing he needed – all under Kathy's experienced oversight. We are so grateful for PuppyPALS,  and for Kathy. I always tell our friends that she is the puppy whisperer."

– Becky Ford

"One word of caution: your pup may never want to leave after their first PuppyPALS visit! Kathy truly connects with each and every pup who is in her care. You leave feeling great about the teaching, not to mention the FUN, you are giving your pup through Kathy. We have a somewhat skittish dog, afraid of people and other animals, but she was always so happy to go to PuppyPALS. The best news? She came home exhausted. Kathy is one of a kind and a gem to all dogs AND people!" 

                 – Kelli Larrick

"Our Bongo LOVED going to PuppyPALS! He learned to enjoy and play well with other dogs in a safe and caring environment. As a result he's never met a dog he didn't like!"

                          – Carol Horn

"Kathy is fantastic at getting a puppy started off on the right foot (paw?). With the help of her well-adjusted pack, Kathy has helped instill both of our dogs with the skills they need to go anywhere and be in any kind of setting." 

– Chris Pedigo

"I could see the difference in Juniper after just one PuppyPALS session! Suddenly on our walks she was way more relaxed around other dogs."

– Lee Litchford

"I signed Jedi up for some classes at my Arlington Petco, but to be honest, I think he learns a lot more during the times that he is over at Kathy's place under her supervision. It's not a knock against Petco -- I just think that what she has to offer is that amazing." 

-- Dave Yoon

"Max comes home happy and pooped! After a PuppyPALS morning, he doesn't jump up or bark and I can actually get stuff done! I just wish you did more days of the week..." 

– Nancy Baker 

"We all wish our dogs could just tell us what they are thinking, right? Well, there was never any doubt when we pulled up to PuppyPALS! Ginny would get so excited when we drove up to the house, jump out of the car and pull me down the driveway to see Kathy and her puppy friends. Kathy is the puppy whisperer. 

– Stephen Chan

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