Kathy Callahan
We foster puppies.
It's so delicious I had to write a book about it.


And ... The Dodo somehow stumbled on my little Instagram account @puppy.picks,  and decided to feature us in this fun 4-minute video! Click to meet Cookie, who gave birth to her nine kids on our couch, and to get a sense of what fostering a litter of puppies is like. 



I coach people
and their puppies
into a great pack life. 

There's nothing like a new puppy.

Sheer joy and ... well ... sheer terror.

Let me help you make the most

of this intense time.

Need to know the secret to enjoying puppyhood? Read my piece in WDJ. 

Have a million questions now that your new puppy is here? Contact me for a New Puppy Consult. 


Need puppy friends? Drop your pup at my house for carefully supervised PuppyPALS socialization sessions.

Want private training? I'm back to doing in-person sessions.


Need training tips? Here are some quick videos to get you started. 

Need recommendations? Here are some suggestions on what to buy, read, etc. 


Foster puppies, rescue puppies

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