Pack Therapy

Pack Therapy

Zoom consult

$50/half an hour


Dog driving you crazy?
Let me help. 

Humans and canines can live together beautifully, but usually there are bumps in the road on the way. Maybe you're finding that your dog is ...

  • suddenly destroying the furniture.

  • jumping up on your guests.

  • still not house-broken.

  • now weirdly fearful of men.

  • refusing to go into the crate she used to love.

  • difficult to walk because of his reactions to other dogs.

  • digging up your garden.

  • too exuberant (or even rough) with your kids.

  • all the above! 

If so, I'd love to talk through your situation and offer a plan for getting your pack life back on track.

Facing a change?
Let me help. 

Sometimes you need help planning for a change that will affect your dog. Perhaps ...

  • you'd like to add another dog or a kitty.

  • you're having a baby.

  • you have guests staying for a week and they're bringing their dog.

  • your new job means the household schedule will change dramatically.

Just want advice?
Let me help. 

If it's dog-related, I have thoughts, so ask away. 

  • "Should I get an adult dog or a puppy?"

  • "How do I navigate the rescue dog process so that I make a good choice?"

  • "Should I get a second dog?"

  • "How do I know if it's time to ease my old dog's suffering?"