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"Is It Sad To Give Up
Your Foster Dogs?"


The #1 question I get when I tell people we foster is this: "How in the world do you let them go?" Susan Fleischman of Z-TV asked me if I get sad when our puppies get adopted, and here's my 2-minute answer. (Our family has fostered 184 dogs since 2012.) For the full interview about the ins and outs of fostering rescue dogs, click here

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Your Puppy Was Kidnapped
from Planet Dog!

The secret to enjoying puppyhood is empathy. Get in the right headspace by remembering your pup is from another culture!

(Click here for my article in Whole Dog Journal.)

Shots Vs. Socialization: 
Finding A Nuanced Path

A puppy's critical socialization period may end before that last parvo/distemper shot. Balancing the well known risk of infection with the lesser known (but more likely!) risk of isolation is the key. 

(Click here for my article in WDJ.)

"Quarantrain" Your Dog:
How To Train Your Pup While Staying Home

Use your daily work-from-home routine to prompt fun, easy dog training. 

Click here for my article in WDJ.)

A Better Behaved Dog
in One Hour & 29 Minutes

A tired dog is a good dog, but it turns out exhausting a pup is harder than it sounds. There's a magic formula, though!

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)

Spin Your Way
To A Happier Dog

The value of canine "bored games"

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)

Looking to Rescue a Dog?
Here's How to Find
the Perfect Fit

A little homework can pay off dramatically

in creating the right match. 

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)

What Fostering Can Do
For Rescue Puppies

Thoughtfully shaping puppies requires a lot

of time at home. Welcome to 2020's silver lining for homeless pups.

(Read my piece in Whole Dog Journal here.)

The Pros & Cons of Adopting Littermates

Be prepared for more than twice the work!

(Read my piece in Whole Dog Journal here.)

Should You Foster A Dog?

The pandemic has many pondering if this is the time to do a little furry good. Is it the right fit for you?

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)


Podcasts ... 

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy 

(45-minute PawsGo Podcast)

The whole world has realized this is the best time to get a puppy – which means a whole lot of people are currently thinking "What have I done?" Tune in to hear my four big sanity savers, and the simple mind shift you can make to be sure you can actually enjoy this time. 

We Should Talk About That

Such a fun, warm, honest conversation with my friends, the two Jess(es), about finding your highest and best use. Loved this, hope you give it a listen.