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Is It Sad To Give Up
Your Foster Dogs?

The #1 question I get when I tell people I foster dogs is this: "How in the world do you let them go?" Susan Fleischman of Z-TV asked me if I get sad when my puppies get adopted, and here's my 2-minute answer. (Our family has fostered 175 dogs since 2012.)


Is Fostering For You? 

Because people are suddenly home enough, everybody's thinking about fostering a dog. Should you jump in? Here's our full 20-minute Z-TV interview about giant upsides and possible


On "The Pet Show" 
with Dr. Katy

Here's our discussion about Homeward Trails' involvement in rescuing dogs from the meat trade. 

In Print ... 

A Better Behaved Dog
in One Hour & 29 Minutes

A tired dog is a good dog, but it turns out exhausting a pup is harder than it sounds. There's a magic formula, though!

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)

Looking to Rescue a Dog?
Here's How to Find
the Perfect Fit

A little homework can pay off dramatically

in creating the right match. 

(Click here for my article in The Zebra.)

What Fostering Can Do
For Rescue Puppies

Thoughtfully shaping puppies requires a lot

of time at home. Welcome to 2020's silver lining for homeless pups

(Read my piece in Whole Dog Journal here.)

Podcasts ... 

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy 

(45-minute PawsGo Podcast)

The whole world has realized this is the best time to get a puppy – which means a whole lot of people are currently thinking "What have I done?" Tune in to hear my four big sanity savers, and the simple mind shift you can make to be sure you can actually enjoy this time.